System Design

The design of a larger system is a procedure following the Top Down paradigm. It mostly starts with rough ideas of what is necessary and requested. During the followng discussions the ideas become detailed until the requirements reach a level that all of the stakeholders can understand it and agree to them. The next step often is the signing of a contract.

  • The most general parts of the system form the starting point,
  • The main components of the system together with their main technologies are identified,
  • A "System Architecture" document is written,
  • Crucial technologies are implemented as prototypes, for a decision whether they work or not,
  • By "Stepwise Refinement" the derived systems parts are determined,
  • The derived system parts are more or less formally documented, depending on the system complexity,
  • The system is implemented.

Many more steps like documentation, testing, approval, maintenance are necessary in the whole lifecycle of a system. The client is the focal point in each of these steps. From experience, softsyst is able to cover all of the necessary steps to successfully design and implement systems.

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