Version 0.9.2, September 2017

  • General GUI Form:

    Horizontal Splitters

  • Layout:

    Menu item for predefined GUI layouts.
    Scanner hidden per default.
    Large Waterfalls possible.

  • Device Frontend:

    Slow AGC.

  • DAB:

    Coarse frequency synchronization changed to correlation-based, for improved speed and robustness.

  • Raw Recording and Playback:

    Control element improved. During Recording and Playback, visual feedback by blinking button (red and green, respectively).
    Pause feature for playback.
    Icon to display raw file information.

  • Audio (.WAV) Recording:

    WAV Recording control with file and duration informations.
    Visual feedback by red blinking button.

  • Other:

    qirx.config enhanced. Storing of layout and last-used informations.

  • Bug Fixing:

    Multiple simultaneous .WAV recordings.

  • Known Issues:

    Rare crashes, presumably due to a race condition in cooperation with libfaad. Exact reason could not be found yet.
    On termination, process hangs sometimes.

Version 0.9.1, July 2017

  • Device Frontend:

    Center Frequency Correction in kHz.

  • General Receivers:

    Waterfall Viewer

  • DAB:
    Window Layout
    Legacy DAB (MP2)
    Synchronization of recorded files
    Enhanced manual synchronization control
  • Raw Recording:
    Playback Control
  • Bug Fixing:
    .WAV file size limitation removed

Version 0.9.0, May 2017

Initial Version