Download QIRX Software Defined Radio

QIRX is based on TCP/IP raw data and currently runs with every RTL-SDR dongle being driven by rtl-tcp.exe. However, it does NOT contain the Zadig driver necessary for the RTL-SDR dongle operation. This might be found on many locations in the web.


It contains the following items:

  • Operating Manual
  • Technical Report
  • Quick Starting Guide

MD5: 84e46cd741e86997cbe0d6bce05186f1


Sources Version 0.9.2

It contains the following items:

  • Sources, as a Visual Studio 2013 solution
  • Pre-compiled binaries (in the "Release" directory)
  • Third-party binaries
  • Documentation and DAB+ Samples are not included
MD5: 59c01dde12ce173ffb98c94ad613f7f1


Binaries Version 0.9.2

It contains the following items:

  • Necessary Binaries
MD5: 9d392eee634fcfd91417674c8b71b7ba



It contains the following items:

  • Three DAB+ samples of classical music recorded with QIRX. The samples are recordings from "Hessischer Rundfunk", Ensemble 7B "hr Radio", Service hr2. This service is distributed with the highest DAB+ bitrate of 144 kbps. The samples are downloadable with kind permission of Hessischer Rundfunk.

MD5: 944d64f67612d61180567cb4fb6b0137

Raw data samples recorded with QIRX are available, however not downloadable, due to their size. One second produces about 4MB of raw data. If you need samples, e.g. for DAB experiments, send us an email.